What is website information architecture and how important it is to make it perfect?

Information architecture is the concept which is an often overlooked area of website design. We are just aware of CMS were used to dictate how site content is organized. For instances, you have a site with ten pages then you should have proper information architecture analysis which means leading people with lot information is requires thought and research.

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What is Information Architecture?

According to the study, Information Architecture is the science and art of labeling and organizing data of a website to support usability. It’s all about the flow of the website and the content based on research and planning. The main motto of the information architecture is to come up with a user-friendly design which balances the both users and business’s needs.

Here are the key tasks that you need to ensure your visitors when they are on your website:

  • Make it easy for visitors to find what they are looking for- Clear navigation.
  • Assure them that they are at right place.
  • Make sure that visitors know what their options are like- related products, you may also like, see also.
  • Allow them to take different kinds of action- Clear CTAs.

Types of Information Architecture:

  • Top-Down Architecture: It is the widespread indication and indulgent of the website’s plan and objectives. First, with the basic structure from which content are refined wherein site architecture cultivates deeper but it is viewed from a largely advanced purpose of the site.
  • Bottom-Up Architecture: this model first looks at the complete relationships between the content. This architecture starts with the user’s perspective and how exactly the users will be going through your site by which you can figure out how to get it together.

The importance of Information architecture:

Successful information oriented and the relevant content website makes easy for users to navigate, improves your conversions rate and your site’s rankings in search engine. The site which is entirely disorganized and cluttered with many ads would result in a bad experience for users and also effects on site’s rankings.

So you need to understand how site information architecture can be the best and make more conversions. This can be done by knowing how people do an online search, create a site using keywords and also you can integrate head and long tail keywords to get into main terms that people uses when they are looking for your offers.

Off page site with too many links will disturb a site’s information architecture as the particular page may lose its vital message with scattered and irrelevant information.

Information architecture works along with usability and conversions. The good information architecture will ensure a great user experience which results in more traffic and improved conversions.

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